Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve is Finally Upon Us.

Well it is now Christmas Eve for our family.  We're running a few days behind but my hubby was picked up by my brave father from the airport last night during a crazy storm we were experiencing.  Now that everyone is safe and sound we can commence our official Christmas.

Looking at the huge boxes of the kid's play kitchen and train set that needs putting together reminds me that it's going to be a very late night for us indeed.  That's if we have the ambition to do it today.  It might be a good project for the hubby and my dad to take part in tomorrow while us girls are busy working on turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  Even hopefully the littlest girl will be inspired enough by her big Christmas gift and spend it pretending to cook us a spectacular dinner in her new play kitchen.

I was feeling a little like the holiday season had already passed us by because we had already said our Merry Christmases and Happy New Years to everyone else on the actual calendar day event.  It was also spent drinking Bailey's and coffee and hanging out with the family.  It's crazy how you can feel like you've already finished the season and not opened one gift or gone through one stocking.  It's proof that the Christmas spirit is still a tangible possiblity without literally "buying" into it. However now that the hubby has returned, I am starting to get fired up in Christmas spirit mode again and am excited to watch the magic unfold for the kids. 

We are just getting ready now to go and participate in the very real and very modern day tradition of the Christmas Eve rush.  In other words we have to go out and purchase some last minute supplies and gifts that have been forgotten.  I'm really grateful this starts off my husband's 3 week stint at home and we will have the remaining few weeks to just kick back and enjoy some time together in our new home before he goes back to work.

Merry Christmas everyone from our family to yours!!

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  1. Yes it does go to show that even if you do not get/give one present you can still enjoy the day(s). Presents are for children, Bailey's and coffee is for adults. ;P