Sunday, December 16, 2012

Short and Motivated

Well I just spent the past two days at my parent's house. I love that every once and awhile I can just pack up the kids and go visit for a couple days. It feels like I'm going on holidays when I'm over there, maybe because for nearly 15 years I wasn't at my parents’ house unless I was on vacation.

It was also nice to avoid the inevitable task of cleaning up my house.  I know it has to be done and I know that I can’t stand it NOT being done.  Although rare, once and awhile my lack of motivation wins over my OCD and I just can’t bring myself to the task (usually during my monthly Mother Nature hostile take-over).  This morning I found myself feeling a bit better, a bit more refreshed and after having some help with the progeny I was ready to get home and swab the decks.

Therefore this is a short blub but not due to laziness, quite the opposite.  It’s because I have the inclination to get my house to acceptable standards and I should harness the feeling while it stays with me.

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