Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brain Malfunction

I’m lacking anything interesting to blog about today.  In general I’m having a strange day.  It’s one of those days that I feel completely unmotivated but a bunch of stuff keeps getting accomplished.  

For instance, I was walking around my house this morning and looked down and noticed that the floor was in desperate need of vacuuming, sweeping and mopping.  I had just decided that I was not interested in any of it and then called my mom to see what she was up to for the day.  During our phone conversation I swept and mopped all the floors and as soon as I hung up I vacuumed.   I also folded the remainder of my laundry and cleaned up the breakfast dishes. 

My kids were spending most of the day making a mess of the play room upstairs and I went up there to soothe one because they apparently they need to hurt themselves 80 times an hour.  The room looked like World War 5 had hit.  I asked them to start cleaning it up because I am honestly so sick of tidying that room I was contemplating just shutting the door and not allowing them to ever set foot in it again.   Instead the next thing I knew I was finishing up putting the last toy in its place.

Then early this evening I was NOT in the mood to make dinner.  A good friend of mine sent me a text which started quite the conversation. By the time that chat came to its conclusion I had managed to whip up garlic/rosemary crusted pork chops, rice and steamed veggies. 

In finality I figured I’d come and sit at the computer to update myself on my Facebook friend’s activities for the day and procrastinate giving the kids a bath.  Here I am instead writing in my blog, which I decided earlier today I was going to take a day off from.   I guess that confirms that OCD is not just a brain disorder because whether you are motivated or not your body just takes over and does it for you.

I hope it does the same thing for the bath I’m avoiding having to give my children now before bed. 

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