Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grateful I'm Not Living in the 30's

For the obvious reasons I'm so grateful I'm not currently living in the 30's. As if The Great Depression and the start of World War II were not enough, they also had really crappy viewing entertainment.

I'm currently on a really pointless escapade of watching all of the movies in history that ever won Best Picture of the Academy Awards. Not that I'm really into the Academy Awards or think that their first pick in movies are always the best of that year but it's something that I've always inexplicably wanted to do.  I’m always curious of the allusions that historical movies are mentioned in so much of the literature I read.  I may possibly go back and pick out some of the other nominations of each year and watch them one day as well but since they’ve started giving out Oscars since 1928 I already have over 80 movies to watch.  I think I’ve also decided that I won’t be watching any more movies from the 1930’s if at all possible unless for some reason one of the names pops out at me from somewhere and I feel compelled to be utterly depressed for an afternoon.

My children have been amazing throughout this entire ordeal.  One good thing about watching movies from this time is they are a lot cleaner than they are now.  I’m not as nervous letting the kids pop in and out of the living room because the sex scenes are virtually not existent and all of the fighting or battle scenes look like a kid’s playground compared to our todays films.  They are also incredibly boring and in black and white so the kids pretty much take one look and run to somewhere else.

I don’t mind so much the movies being in black and white, I can appreciate how far we’ve come now and appreciate the time it came from.  I can now also say that I think Clark Gable was a fantastic actor, especially for his day.  It’s not a real surprise that I’ve currently watched 3 movies that won Academy Awards that he was the lead actor for.  I can however say that I don’t think that I’ll be subjecting myself to watching “Gone with the Wind” ever again and for sure will never watch “Cimarron” or any of its remakes for as long as I shall live, once was enough torture for one lifetime.

I’m excited to be getting into the 1940’s films.  There are already a few names in there that I actually recognize.  From there on I have seen a lot of the movies.  I’m going to sit through all of them and have been giving them my own personal score based on how much I actually liked it and trying to take into account of when it was made.  I will NOT however be subjecting myself through the Godfather movies again. I watched them a couple years back and can honestly say I’ll never get the hype (and usually like a good gangster flick, Sopranos was one of my favorite HBO series).

Anyhow the kids are napping so that means I know I have at least a couple hours where I will be in peace while watching my next movie. I will sign off for now and crossing my fingers that “The Great Ziegfeld” (1936) isn’t a waste of some precious me-time!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blog or book?

Right now would be a perfect time to write in my blog, the children are fed, the hubby is home to entertain them when they drive me crazy, and I’ve got a freshly made tea and no pressing tasks that need attending.  I just can’t seem to think of anything to say.  This is quite fascinating to me as I NEVER feel like I have run out of things to talk about.

Since the New Year my mind has been blanked.  I really and truly need to find an outlet now.  I think I’m going to get busy trying to figure out my next game plan as soon as the hubby takes off for work this week.  I usually feel better when he’s around so I can participate in some face to face adult conversation daily but as soon as he leaves I sometimes go multiple days in between before seeing in person and talking to a person older than 3.  This idleness has apparently got to stop as my personality seems to be changing because my lack of stimulation. 

So now instead of coming up with anymore to say I’m going to go sit down in a corner and read a book because the children are fed, the hubby is home to entertain them when they drive me crazy, and I’ve got a freshly made tea and no pressing tasks that need attending!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Blank Slate, Blank Mind

I’ve got nothing. I’ve been sporadically walking in and out of my office and sitting in front of a blank Word document waiting for some insight to pour forth from my fingers. Still nothing.

Maybe 2013 is really a blank slate? During my day, usually when I’m cleaning, I come up with one or two topics that I’d like to discuss in my blog. I’ve had no topics come to mind. Maybe it’s because I’ve done minimal cleaning over the Holiday Season, or minimal anything for that matter. That’s probably the issue right there. Zero happening. I’m not sure whether I should jump for joy or be afraid.

This definitely was the first Christmas in years that I actually got to relax and enjoy. It was amazing this year because of the holiday traditions we not only enjoyed but created. We spent more time hanging out as a family than shopping in the stores. It was really great. Even though it was so much more laid back this year it still feels hard to drag myself out from the fog that usually comes in the aftermath of all the merry making and food consumption.

I’ve never been one to just sit around and get nothing accomplished. I am staring ahead at my future and realize that there are no goals, no major aspirations or nothing new that I’m working towards. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve got all the same resolutions that most people find themselves looking at the beginning of the year. I’d like to eat better, exercise a bit more, be a better parent, etc. Who doesn’t think these things after the holidays are spent consuming their body weight in pastries, cookies, chocolate and alcohol? After your children have also been hyped up on refined sugar and all the stimulation that the season brings?

It’s just not the same though. I ALWAYS have those goals in the back of my mind and often do things that improve upon them. I am normally used to having something else to work towards. I have been knocking around the idea that I want to start working towards a new career, which has got me completely muddled. I want to find something I’m passionate about and can see myself enjoying, but again who doesn’t? I would like to begin working on a similar project as the author in the book I’m currently reading pursued called “The Happiness Project” of one person’s journey on trying to lead a more meaningful and happy life. Once again, who doesn’t?

So here I am staring at a Word screen with words spewing out but really nothing new and exciting being said that a New Year’s post usually requires. I just heard something that stated the year to come will somewhat resemble how you spent celebrating New Year’s Eve. If that’s the case I’ll be spending a lot of time sitting on the couch watching movies with my family desperately trying to keep my eyes open. While this sounds very peaceful it doesn’t leave me much to work towards.  It’s also making it very difficult to get motivated.

I am however excited at the prospect that I can work on ANYTHING I would like. I should look at it backwards and thank my stars that my goals aren’t set for me, there is nothing laid out for me or any pressing situation that is forcing me to not work on the things I want to.  I guess as they say the world is my oyster.  Although I think oysters are disgusting, I think I’m going to change it to the world is my cheesecake.  Hmmm maybe not so good when trying to stick to the eating better resolutions, the world is my Vanilla Yogurt?  I think it needs some work.

Happy New Year’s to everyone and here’s hoping that everyone is also enjoying a blank slate in 2013!