Sunday, November 18, 2012


There is nothing worse than your entire household battling illness. Obviously being sick is not fun for anybody, however being sick with sick children is brutal.

Maybe it wouldn’t seem so bad if when my kids were sick they acted like normal human beings and just lay around feeling sorry for themselves. This way I could do a lot more laying around feeling sorry for myself. So far though in my experience my kids might be battling the symptoms of illness but you’d never know there was anything wrong with them if you were basing it off their activity levels.

We are currently experiencing some tummy issues. I myself have been pretty tired and feel really gross. It’s due for me anyhow because we’re planning on this trip. I always manage to get sick just right before or during a vacation. I’m hoping that I’ll be right as rain by the time we ship out next week. It is however none the less not very fun. I’ve been planning my days around how far away from a toilet I am at any given moment and been trying to keep the food I’m consuming bland to try to settle this queasy feeling.

Unfortunately both my kids seem to be going through the same ailment. My son has gone through about a month’s worth supply of diapers in less than a week and my daughter is trading me off in the bathroom.  I think the only thing worse than having sick kids is having a sick husband too. I mean there is enough documentation out there to prove that when a man gets sick it's a whole new level of pathetic. I am really thankful that my husband is not only home right now to help out with the 10,000 diaper changes a day but that he seems to be feeling great.

I’m really glad that along with this stomach bug it hasn’t included any vomiting. I cannot stand throw-up. I hate everything about it. I would rather deal with poopy diapers and pretty much any other bodily secretion over barf. I myself am a huge wuss when it comes to throwing up. If I’m sick to my stomach I am a complete write off. Once I start it doesn’t go away until there is literally nothing left in my system. Other people’s vomit to me is about as disgusting as it gets.

That being said though, as a mom you frequently have to deal with your kids puking. I’m actually really good with them considering my strong aversion. I think that’s when the maternal instincts kick in and my empathy levels are running on overdrive because I myself hate that feeling more than almost anything.

When kids throw up they don’t do it in style either. It’s usually everywhere because they haven’t quite mastered running to the toilet and doing their business there. If they do vomit it’s usually in their bed, their hair, all over their clothing, furniture and floor. My daughter once woke me up crying in the middle of the night asking me for a bowl. I had no idea what she was talking about and passed it off as maybe some weird dream she was having. One minute later when she threw-up all over me and the bed I understood what she wanted a bowl for. I now know that it would be in my best interest to pay attention to that particular request in the future.

When you are sick and so are your kids the work level increases to almost insanity. You are doing so many extra loads of laundry, you are attempting to cook foods that won’t trigger any more negative reactions, and you are making extra trips to the store to get medicines and supplies. You are wiping noses, wiping bums and wiping down the household with sanitizer to try to prevent more of this germ wreaking havoc on your loved ones.  You are running extra baths, taking temperatures and administering Tylenol. Gone are the days when you just get to lay down and take it easy for a couple days, there are no "take-the-day-off-sick" days when you are a mom.

Well if you excuse me I’m off to the bathroom.


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  1. Poor kid. I'm not sure, the jury is still out for me, poop may be worse. Or perhaps they are equal in the gross factor.