Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

I am being spoiled.  Life is so incredibly different when there are other adults sharing in the tasks of helping with children.  The past couple days my husband has been back from work and my mom came over today to help with the kids while we went to our very first Parent/Teacher interview.  It’s been very blissful and I get this giddy feeling every time there is a bum to be changed that I am not in charge of.

Yesterday we spent the day shopping in the city for articles of clothing (mainly swim suits for me) and brought the children.  On a normal day I would never dream of doing such crazy and foolish things.  The hubby however was in a spectacular mood and entertained the children while I squeezed my booty into several bikinis.  The kids were for the most part being really well behaved and we had a very good day and I found several bathing suits that fit (I didn’t even need to take anti-depressants to go!)

Today my husband and I recruited the help of my mother so we could attend our very first Parent/Teacher interview of her progress at preschool.  My mom and I were discussing how amusing society is becoming when it’s necessary to have a sit down with the teachers for kids that have really just mastered the skill of not shitting in their pants.  None the less I was really excited for the opportunity and even more excited to find out she is doing really great.

Not that I don’t think my daughter is smart or wonderful but it’s always nerve wracking to see how your kids hold up on other people’s scales.  I thought that I might be getting some comments on her busy nature or how she is very stubborn.  There were of course a few things they mentioned such as how she sometimes displays a lack of paying attention to the task at hand.  I knew that was coming.  I mean this is the kid who can get distracted from a piece of fluff on her bed for a full half an hour when trying to coerce her into getting into her pajamas.  Apparently the culprit today was the babies that are in the other day care class who share the same building; they were keeping her from getting into her outside play clothing so she could play in the playground.

I am however proud to say she is far exceeded the normal standards in sequences, alphabet and number recognition, arts and crafts and independent play.  She loves theatrics (no kidding) and is really well developed in her social skills.   These are all great to hear from the professionals.  I can’t really be more thankful that there are some seriously patient people in this world willing to teach 24 screaming children at a time with a smile on their face, these people should be paid way more than hockey players or politicians.

One more thing that made today a happy day, I mean yes it even got better.  When I arrived home from the interview with my daughter’s teachers both kids were napping and dinner was made.  My mom not only watched the kids for us so we could go up town solo but she made supper.  It was like winning the lottery.  I could get used to this life, truly!!  Oh happy day!

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