Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There is Only 7 Weeks Left!

I was just going through some flyers today and a big notice on the top said “Don’t wait too long; Christmas is only 7 weeks away!!”  I immediately thought “Holy crap that’s coming up quick.”  Then my next thought was how bizarre of a trick that time really is.

I am at that age group where almost every one of my friends has either just had a baby in the last couple years, is planning on having a baby in the next couple years or is about to have a baby.  Since I’m done with the "planning-on" or" is-about-to-have" stages I’ve been kind of reminiscing.   I want to stop and make it perfectly clear that I in NO way, NO how want another baby.  I love my children to the ends of the earth but I know that part of my life is over.

It however doesn’t stop me from looking back on my pictures of when I was expecting or when the little goobers first popped out.  It reminds me how fast the time really goes by.  Time has been like lightening these past couple years and I can hardly believe that my little girl is going to be 4 soon and my son is already 2. 

All of these nostalgic tendencies are being triggered by talking with some of my friends that are in the expecting stage.  When I think back to my own pregnancies, the uncomfortable size, the morning sickness, the being able to touch your toes or shave your legs, the back problems, the trying to squeeze behind the steering wheel of the car, the millions of doctor appointments that tell you how much weight you’ve gained or sticking their hands in your private areas.  Even after all that I still can’t help but think how cool it really was.  If you would have asked me at that time I would’ve told you I HATED being pregnant, even more so the second time around.  I think I do however miss the baby jumping around inside (as long as it wasn’t 2 am and on your bladder of course).

This is however where time is tricky. If I was pregnant and the heading said “The birth of your baby is only 7 weeks away!”  I would have a completely different reaction.  It would feel like an eternity.  The last 7 or so weeks of being pregnant you feel like a ticking time bomb.  At the end of the pregnancy you know that you are going to go through an excruciating nightmare (I should’ve taken the drugs…but that’s a whole new topic) but that’s not even enough to want to wait any longer.  If anything you just want it to happen so you can move on and get on with your life.

I know that time is just a manmade device and putting too much precedence on it can cause you much suffering, unfortunately though it’s so hard in today’s society not to be ruled by it.  I wish that the 7 weeks till Christmas felt as long as the 7 weeks until your baby comes.  Maybe then I’d be able to get all of the things done in prep for the holiday with lots of time to spare.

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  1. It has been a rather long time since I've gone through the wonders of creating life and I still don't look back on it without remembering all the crappy parts. But you are very correct, 7 more weeks of pregnancy is even longer than 7 more weeks before you can quit your job.