Friday, April 6, 2012

Trip down memory lane

I just went through and read all 10 entries of my previous attempts at blogging. I've come to the realization that I'm heading down the path I've been asking for the past couple years.

I'm in a much better frame of mind when it comes to parenting. That unnecessary guilty consciousness of not being the best parent in the world is no longer taking up a vast amount of space in my brain. I no longer have to squish all belongings into every nook and cranny of my vehicle when going on road trips because we invested in a definite “Mommy Wagon” (Dodge Caravan minivan). Then there’s my wish of moving close to my parents which is drawing nearer and nearer. In fact the hubby and I purchased an amazing lake front house in January but our move in day isn‘t until July 1st. I seriously cannot stop fantasizing about spending our mornings drinking hot beverages on the deck, our afternoons swimming with the kiddies and soaking up the sun, hanging out with my parents and the evenings relaxing in the hot tub possibly drinking something with a little more zip than tea.
I noticed in a previous blog that I was already planning for this move and began purging the house from all of our so called “unnecessary baggage“. Although this task was already done once in the not too distant past I just finished doing the exact same thing over again. It’s funny how your priority list changes from when it’s just the notion of moving as opposed to the OMG we’re ACTUALLY moving in about two months.

During this recent purge of accumulated junk I happened to go through a tote I have labelled “Sam’s Memories.” In this box I have several different types of bits of nostalgia that I haven’t been willing to part with. There are things in this box such as my baby blankets, my journals that I kept every day of every year of my adolescence and really bad poetry I wrote as a teenager. While going through some of these memories I realized how fast life really does fly by. After going through my own memories I’ve tackled two more recently labelled totes of my kids memories. My children are still considered babies in the grand scheme of a human life but it’s amazing how much has changed in just a couple short years.

I pulled out items like the first outfit each of them came home in, pictures, the mini cast my daughter wore when she broke her first bone, baby books (mostly filled out…wow I’m glad I did that). It helps to look through this stuff every once and awhile because I think it reminds you to really cherish this time you have. Soon it will be my kids going through their old belongings deciding what they want to take with them when the move from place to place.

It’s weird to think that they are going to have no memories of living in British Columbia at a young age. They’re going to grow up feeling as if they are Nova Scotians. It’s funny how you can’t predict where life is going to bring you, nor can you change your past and history. But that’s where we spend most of our time in our heads as humans, in your memories and dreaming of the future. For now my goal is to enjoy today. Today is the day I am really living in and this is the stage my kids are at. While it’s good to take a peek down memory lane to remind you of your lessons learned and it’s never a bad thing to have dreams and goals, it’s more important to love the moment you’re in because it’s truly the only one that exists!

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