Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finding the Time

I think of things to write in my blog almost on a daily basis.  Quit laughing mom I know in order to say you have a blog you should probably maintain it at least once a month.  I throw back the only argument I can come up with, I need to put more effort into finding the time.  Tis true I spend a fair bit of my morning tea on the computer catching up with the daily gossip, however in between Status Updates and peering over the latest life brought into the world by various friends, I am usually feeding a kid, cat or dog, wiping up a spill or two and taking my daughter to the bathroom to "Poo Potty" for the 78th time since we've woken up a half hour before.
Usually by noon I'm ready for a nap along with my kids, one that I never take because I can't seem to find the time in between the laundry, bringing out the garbage, sweeping my son's Mt. Cheerio off the floor or preparing for some event or another that I'm sure to be signed up for.  Bed time sounds much more peaceful than it really is in the land of toddler.  There are baths to be given, snacks to be doled out, "Smiley Face" books to be read and bottles to be prepped for tomorrows feedings.   I'm sure you're getting the idea.
My husband is making a huge sacrifice for the family and has started a new job approximately 2600km away in the USofA.  He's going to be gone for a LONG one this time around.  6 weeks in total.  That leaves me with not only the responsibility of ensuring the kids don't kill themselves from their own actions but attempting to keep up with the house, pet and vehicle maintenance.  On top of it all I've began working again temporary (teaching a course) which as left me with almost zero time. 
I do miss the days of reading a book at my leisure, planning an afternoon of golf (that doesn't require babysitting arrangements) or waking up to go for my morning run outside (I find the treadmill about 1000 times easier when the two kids are napping and I'm not pushing the Duallie BOB which increases the intensity of my run beyond my current fitness level).  I however am starting to finally feel as I'm getting into the GROOVE of things around here.  Finally after 9 months of having two kids I'm feeling a bit myself again.  I can feel the old bubbly energy creeping back up into my brain, along with a better frame of mind.  I'm hoping that will also give me a bit of a shove to get writing again...but I'm not promising anything.

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