Friday, May 27, 2011

Seriously Bad Blogger

Yeah I know. I suck at this. I've found myself basically run off my feet, which really isn't much of an excuse but it's the only good one I've got. The last several months have been extremely busy. My family had a mini emergency, my grandmother ended up sick in the hospital. I being the "brave" or extremely crazy person that I am booked a flight and five days later flew across the country (literally) from BC to Nova Scotia with two very small children. More on that on a later date though.
The trip was really great. I got to spend some time with my grandmother, who made a full recovery, got to see my parents new house on the lake in (and this is sort of an inside joke) the middle of no where and do some serious house hunting as my husband and I are hoping to be moving that way by the end of this year. I was in Nova Scotia for exactly one month and then my hubby and I braved the West Edmonton Mall with two kids for 4 days before making the 7 hour drive home.
One of the other reasons I've been so busy is due to a possible impending move. I'm not sure what it is about the human race, a bazillion years of evolution bearing down on us I'm assuming, that ensures you collect as much junk as possible and shove it in every nook and cranny clogging all the storage available. My theory right now is if we end up moving there is A LOT of crap we can leave behind so I’m purging the house. Then of course if for some reason we don't end up moving there will be A LOT more room for me to store the junk I'll inevitably collect to replace to crap I'm now getting rid of. Therefore my time is now being spent chasing two small children around the house carrying the crap I’m pulling out of cupboards and trying to put it in piles strategically labelled “Garage Sale Items,” “Not Sellable but Donate-able,” “Give to Friends,” and my all time favourite “Garbage.” Usually this is something I do twice a year. I really hate the build up of clutter but my life hasn’t been the usual since I’ve had two kids.
So those would be some of the reasons I haven’t been so loyal to my blog. I somehow find it relaxing to get my thoughts and feelings written down. Could be something to do with my teenage years when I documented everyday of my life in a journal or could be because I just get it off my chest. So here’s attempt number 3 at being a blogger (as crappy as I can be). Maybe I’ll do this instead of indulge in my usual night cap (or maybe I’ll do both).

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