Tuesday, February 22, 2011

300 Square Feet is Not Enough!!

I haven’t written for a couple days because I’ve been gone on a short, 3 day, trip. I decided I would pack my bags and go visit the hubby. Now where the concept is really nice, the actuality of it is a little more ominous. My husband often works in a town called Grande Prairie (GP) which is approximately a two and a half hour drive away from our house, so it’s quite reasonable to pack up to go visit.
Packing for a trip like this has to be looked at as part of the adventure or you’d never actually do it. My son is currently being bottle fed (due to too many unfortunate circumstances to list here…maybe another time) so therefore bottles, formula and all the supplies that go with it had to come. Now both kids are still in diapers so you want to make sure you have enough packed to at least get there and have enough for the evening and night so you don’t have to run to the store if you don’t want to. Then the list grows and grows; bath hammock for baby to bath in the big tub, baby toiletries, playpen, bathing suits, swimming diapers, sippy cups, bibs, blankets, toys, enough clothing for a couple days, diaper bag (packed of course), portable DVD player and DVDs, double stroller, pyjamas, snacks for the drive, etc. Notice how I haven’t even listed my stuff to pack yet. The professional that I am, managed to pack everything into just one suitcase and had the diaper bag and the playpen. Now to me that sounds fairly reasonable. I however drive a cute little SUV so not only did I have to share my front seat with a suitcase and the diaper bag (the double stroller takes up the entire back space) I also concluded there would be absolutely NO room to bring anything back if I wanted to shop. Of course it doesn’t end there. As a responsible house keeper I arranged for the animals to be looked after, watered the plants, checked all the doors and windows, made sure there was no wet laundry in the machine and did a quick spot clean (I HATE coming home to a messy house, makes the unpacking seem that much worse). We were finally all set to go.
Of course just before leaving my husband explained that we would be staying in a different style room this time. When he’s sent to GP he's always put up in a very nice hotel where all the rooms are like mini suites. Unfortunately due to a flood in the hotel (apparently a hockey team had a meeting on the 4th floor last week and shut the heat off in the meeting room, which in turn froze all the pipes because it was -45 degrees outside, causing the fire sprinkler pipes to burst creating Lake Superior in half the hotel) we were stuck in a bit of a smaller room this time. The room we normally get to stay in is actually a separate bedroom unit. It has a living area with pull out couch and kitchenette, a separate master bedroom, a nice sized bathroom and a walk out patio to the outside (not like the patio is useable right now with the subzero temperatures out there but it’s nice to mention). The room we had this time was a typical kitchenette style, single roomed, tiny and two double beds.
The first issue came at bed time, our daughter will not for the life of her settle down if she knows someone is right beside her and she has access to them. We have done quite a bit of traveling with her and have tonnes of experience with her in a hotel but now that we've got her in a "big girl bed" and have a baby that utilizes the playpen it’s all changed. She’s great if you can contain her or put her in a separate room (she’d just lay down and go to sleep) but as soon as she knows she has the capability to get out and about, well lets just say she takes full advantage of it.

Then came the growth spurt.  That's the only explanation I have as to why she all of a sudden became an accident prone. She scared me quite a few times and I wasn’t really sure if we’d make it back with all of her intact. I am not even kidding when I say every day we were there she got herself into an accident that left her bleeding. 
I figured I would enjoy my days swimming in the hotel pool because I can't currently take both children to the public pool at the same time.  My kids are both too little and need constant supervision so unless I have a volunteer to come to the pool with us and watch one of the kids (more like hell would freeze over first), we do not swim much any more.  At the hotel pool, however, I can put my son in his car seat near by and keep a close eye on him.  In the day time at the hotel it is usually just me and my daughter so it's almost like having a private swimming oasis. The first morning after our complimentary breakfast I brought the kids swimming. We were only in there for about an hour and by the time we were dried off and headed to our room our skin began to itch.  My daughter and I had a shower right away but it didn't seem to do any good...the PH in the pool was way off.  Maybe they had to over chlorinate it due to all those hockey teams they had in the week before?
After showering my goal was to take the kids to the mall to do some window shopping (as I said earlier there was no room in the car to do any REAL shopping). I however didn't realize it was -45 with the windchill outside.  The trip to the mall was short lived because I was terrified my vehicle would freeze and we would be stuck until my husband got off of work.
So now you have it,  I'm stuck in a 300 square foot room with my daughter the practicing circus performer,

-45 degrees C outside, no room in the vehicle to go shopping, my husband’s company keeping him extra late every night (I’m sure just to drive me crazy), the over chlorinated swimming pool giving us all nasty rashes, no sleep at night as my daughter was too busy trying to get us to play and a grumpy, PMSing mom. I'm already planning my next trip back, possibly next weekend!


  1. You forgot to pack the motion lotion and the sexy lingerie you should take to keep your love life burning. (I'm sure that's what Cosmo would have suggested anyway.)

  2. Ha ha ha...there's no love life until my husband makes that appointment to stop us from having any more babies. I'm DONE!