Monday, February 11, 2013


I don't know what happened. Prior to the New Year I was all gung-ho on the ole blog writing bit. Then after the last of the ornaments and decorations were put away and the remainder of the post-Christmas haul was organized I was out of stuff to say. Anyone who knows me might laugh A LOT at this statement. I'm not normally a person who finds myself with nothing to say. Alas it's true. I've had no insights, no funny stories to mention. My brain I've decided is in Hibernation mode.  They might have been happening around me but I had no gumption to do anything about it or even bother to remember. Hopefully as the winter thaws outside so will the iced up regions of my brain.

Yesterday I was just getting the kids ready to go to bed. My daughter was in a mood where she was hell bent on pushing all my buttons. It's like children sometimes go into self-destruct mode and do everything humanly possible to make their parents upset. Last night was one of those nights, that coupled with my already less than chipper mood and not much sleep the night before was a perfect recipe for disaster. I had a bit of a meltdown on her and ended up putting her and her brother down to sleep 45 minutes earlier than I normally do...don't worry I punished myself as well and was down as soon as I finished my own night time routine.

After the meltdown and once I was lying in bed just settling in for the night, checking my Facebook for any new gossip and trying to turn my brain off I came across another blog off a friend's page. It is a blog called The Orange Rhino dedicated to setting the goal of NOT yelling at your children. This woman who just successfully completed a year of not yelling at her 4 very young boys for an entire 365 days! Well what perfect timing. As of recent the words of Buddha have been haunting my path "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

I have no idea how many times this phrase has crossed my mind in a month but everywhere I turn it seems to be relevant. I'm going to give it a shot anyhow. I originally thought that 365 days seemed a ridiculous goal to achieve.  But as today is my DAY ONE I have thought about it a lot throughout.  Why is a month any more difficult than a year?  I mean yes it’s a lot longer of a time frame but if I can manage to go 30 days without yelling then you can surely strive for a year.  Once you’ve hit a year you’d think your entire thought patterns will be changed by it and it becomes a regular part of life.

So along with a few other projects I’m interested in taking on this year I’m going to attempt to stop yelling at my kids.  I’m really happy the hubby comes home tomorrow and will at least be a sounding board for the next 2 weeks.  I think that having him home for support will be essential to get me started.

Well other than a massive snow storm, my daughter starting a dance class and me starting to turn into a vegetable nothing else is new.  It turns out my brain isn’t the only thing hibernating.  Usually winter is good for me and I’m more than motivated to get active.  I’ve got to drag myself out of the funk I’ve found myself in and do what I do best, find solutions.  I know it can be done, it’s really just about getting started. 

So here’s to another start, if you never try it will never happen.

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